Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Running with children

So this morning I went to the mall to meet up with my mom and grandma.  We went walking for only just a little bit before everyone got hungry for lunch.  I put Lauren in a stroller and Rylan in another.  My mom pushed Rylan and I pushed Lauren.

I decided that since we didn't have much time, that I should do a little bit of running (and I was feeling it, I just had the urge to go faster).  So I started running.  It sure is easier to push a stroller and run. 

I don't know what it was, I didn't care if people were watching me, I didn't care if I looked stupid, I just ran (or jog, but it feels like running to me).  Not a lot, but enough to get my heart rate up a little.  Then we'd circle back around to get back to my mom and gran. 

It also made me keep on going when I had Conner running along with me and Lauren telling me to go faster and keep on running.

What good cheerleaders I have around me that I didn't even realize!

So now I'm trying to figure out how to make this work more often.  I don't have my double stroller anymore, so I'm not sure how I'd do it with all 3 kids by myself... but I want to do this more often!

Maybe I can take Lauren and Conner with me at night before the mall closes while Jason watches Rylan.  Or maybe when it cools off a little outside I can take Lauren with me in the neighborhood... though it felt a lot better on a smooth floor. 

Something inside me just wanted to RUN!

I watched Extreme Weightloss last night and was very motivated by the girl on there.  She had lost about 100 pounds or so when she was taken to Paris and ran a marathon!  A MARATHON!  Watching her run non-stop (mostly) was amazing.  I want to dig deep and see just how far I can run non-stop!  So far I get up to about 30-45 seconds and feel like slowing down.  Maybe I just haven't broken through that wall yet. 

She was talking about how her mind was telling her that she is in pain, that her legs were numb, that she had this tingling feeling making her nervous and it's like her body was trying to tell her to stop.  But she pushed through it and finished the marathon.

Maybe I just need to focus on my breathing and push on through the pain, push through the wall and keep on running.

I just want to go back up to the mall and run some more. 

Weird feeling.  Maybe it's because I haven't been out in a few days to sweat and workout. 

I think I get such a good feeling from sweating and working out, it's a great accomplishment and a great feeling when I'm done.

Maybe I should just run circles around the house (though Jason would tell me that cleaning burns a lot of calories).  

I know I'm running some and walking some and lifting weights some (need to do more)... but is that enough?  Am I really pushing myself enough and burning enough calories? 

I am starting to think that maybe I'm not doing enough.  My heart rate monitor battery died and I haven't replaced it yet.

I weighed in this morning at 168.5.  A pound heavier than the other day.  I'm just sticking around those numbers and I think it's time to do MORE!  Time to give myself that little extra push before life gets crazy again with school.

I'm excited for school to start back because then after school is over, I can workout.  I can get back into some kind of routine and keep on losing weight.

Speaking of school... tomorrow and Friday we are testing our kindergarten kids so we can place then in classrooms.  So I'd better get this house somewhat clean and do some laundry!

I haven't been able to do the dishes or laundry the past couple of days because our water heater went out.  We got a new one up and working last night so no more excuses there.

Off to run around the house and clean.

Until we meet again...


Monday, July 29, 2013


We got back late yesterday from camping.  The kids had a great time!  Sure wish we could have gotten there earlier and stayed another night.  And I wish I had taken pictures of the kids.  I'm kinda sad I didn't think about getting pictures!  :/  I have some in my mind that hopefully will stay there as great memories.

Getting 6 people packed up with all the gear and food and things we didn't need sure did take a lot of effort and time!  By the time everyone got ready (I was ready around 1pm) it was almost dinner time before we got there.

The kids had a blast.  When we got there I put Rylan in his pack-n-play and he had fun watching the other kids from another campsite (who came over right when we got there).

Lauren had fun playing with her toys and running all around.  Conner had fun exploring and then ended up just hanging out in his little chair.  I think our kids were meant to be outside.  For some reason they took their shoes off and ran around barefoot the whole time!  Even though Lauren kept complaining about stepping on rocks and branches, she refused to put her shoes on.

I won't go into everything we did but I'll mention some of the highlights so I don't forget them in the future.

We finally got our dinner going, veggie kabobs and pork tenderloin on the grill.  That turned out great.

Conner had so much fun roasting marshmallows, though he didn't eat a single one, just cooked them for everyone.  :)  The first one he made caught on fire and turned black (which is yummy!) and he did great blowing on it to stop the fire.  He had fun cooking the hotdogs too.  I'm not sure he ever ate one or not, I was too busy running around taking care of the 3 kids, changing diapers, setting up beds and tents.

Lauren slept in a tent (divided room) with her Poppeo (Jason's dad), Conner slept in his own tent, and Rylan slept in our tent in his pack-n-play.  Lauren wanted to get into her pajamas around 9:30 but kept coming in and out of her tent until probably 11, then eventually went to sleep.

Conner was so proud of his tent, he had me come in there a few times to see his tent all fixed up.  He didn't go to bed until around 10 and then came out a few times just to hang out with us.

Rylan went to sleep and then woke up happy as could be once we came in our tent to go to bed.  It was the cutest thing to watch him.  He had a little glow stick in his crib that he was waving at us trying to get our attention.  Then he'd fall down and roll around a while, suck his thumb and then get up again to see if we were still there.  Eventually he fell asleep.

I didn't expect to sleep at all, but I did.  I had earplugs and benadryl to help!  :)

We got up the next day and I cooked breakfast and passed out powdered donut bags to everyone.

Then we went to the visitor center to get maps of the trails.  This was Conner's "trial run" for hiking.  We didn't even get out of the campsite before he kept saying that he couldn't walk anymore.  So... after getting to the visitor center finally, we decided to walk down to the playground area and let the kids play for a while and then headed back to our campsite.  The rest of the day was spent packing up and hanging out until everything was all packed up in the cars.

Overall, it was fun, just not long enough.

Next time (which I'm hoping will be soon) I think we may just camp in our backyard.  I think we'd have just as much fun.  Then if the kids get crazy, we'll just put them to bed inside.

Hard to type up everything with Lauren talking in my ear!

We packed more than what we needed... but there's always that "in the event of..." reason for packing the other stuff we did.

So, I didn't eat great this weekend but I sure did work my tail off getting camp set up and put back.

I stepped on the scale this morning and I haven't gained anything or lost anything- right at 167.5.  This was before going to the bathroom too... so maybe tomorrow will show a little loss.

Gotta get in the grove to clean my house today and get everything ready for starting back to school in a couple of weeks.

Oh and last night I came home and got in the shower only to find out that our hot water heater is not working!  Cold shower did NOT relax me one bit!  :/  So, I've gotta get out in the garage and clean it out so Jason can see what's wrong with it tonight.  I just hope we don't have to go buy another one!  :(

So,  time to get up and clean while I have some time before Conner gets home from his summer school.

Until we meet again...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Post title... not really sure what to put as my title... maybe huge procrastinator? :)

Well I'm sitting here procrastinating all the things I need to get done around the house.  I HATE CLEANING!  But I sure do love it when the house is clean.  :/

I forced myself to go for my walk/run last night.  I was putting on my playlist and decided to give the couch to 5K a try.  I had week 1 out there on my ipod.  So off I went.  I started the warm up and was ready to run but I waited until it was time...... then went for it.  60 seconds was a little challenging but easily done.  I guess when I do it on my own I run for maybe a total of about 45 seconds before stopping to catch my breath.  But by the time I was almost done I was in a good groove and realized that I probably could have done the full 30 minutes again for a second time.  It was a total is 8 minutes running and 22 minutes walking fast.  Easily could have done it twice.  :)

That was a good feeling- knowing that I'm more in shape than I had been previously.  I was able to do the whole run with no problems.  Next time I may go ahead and give week 2 a try.  I'm not going to do it today- today I think I'll do my kettlebell weights.

My legs are sore and that's a good thing to me because it means I'm still pushing myself harder and harder and working those muscles.

I went to the "girly" doctor yesterday for my yearly examination and it was a nice feeling to step on the scale with my clothes on and I weighed- 168.

I went over to my parents house yesterday to pick up my oldest kiddo because my mom watched him for me while I went to the doctor and got my hair done.  My dad just kept saying how good I look and how skinny I look.  Made me feel good.  I'm starting to get used to my new body.  I wish I had taken pictures of my belly as it progressively gets smaller- like under my shirt where you can see the flap and the stretch marks.  I think I have one somewhere... I'll have to do a comparison picture some time.

It also really makes me continue to want  to lose weight and see what I can do with my body.  How fit can I get?  I wonder how much more weight I need to lose before I can really see my collar bones?  :)  I wonder how many more times I'm gonna lift weights until I can really see my muscles... here's a picture I took outside the other night after a walk, just kinda goofing off.
Well I can see a little bump... can you?  :P  Have more work to do for sure!  lol

I went to my hair dresser yesterday and she even said she could tell I've lost weight.  We talked about it for a while and I showed her the before and after (during) pictures of me.  I don't go to her often enough... I think the last time I went was just a few months after Rylan was born.

Here's a picture of me with my new blonde color.  I'm a natural blonde but over the years it has gotten a lot darker.  So we had to lighten it up some.  I have started really liking the long hair on me.  Usually every time I go I get my hair all chopped off or at least close to my shoulders.  So this time we didn't take much off in the length.

Makes me feel good to be able to take a picture from the front, from a straight angle (not held up real high above my head) and look NORMAL.  :)

We are thinking about taking the kids camping and hiking this weekend.  I'll have to carry Rylan in a backpack, which I'm sure I'll burn a ton of calories doing!  Looking forward to that.  Camping makes me nervous... it is so much work to get everything packed up and loaded and then set up everything for one night.  But, Conner has been begging to go!  We are gonna go check out some camp sites this afternoon and reserve something for Saturday (might have to get it for another night too).

I'm hoping we don't end up spending a lot of money on this camping trip.  If it was up to me, I could probably just pack the bare nessecities and easy food like hotdogs and marshmallows and then head out!  But I know how things go with this family.  We will end up packing 2 cars full of crap and not even use 1/2 the stuff!  You don't need a lot for just one night but my family is the "gotta be well prepared for anything" packers... so we'll see how that goes.

I just hope everyone stays out of the fire, doesn't fall off a cliff, and we come home with no broken bones!  :)

I just can't tell you how happy I feel about myself!  I'm happy happy happy!  I haven't been happy about ME in many many years.

Makes me happy when my husband (and he may kill me for talking about this for the world to see) asks me to put on something sexy and then just admires what I am becoming.  I am not completely comfortable yet in my body but the changes I've made are a huge improvement.  He just wants to look at me and is so proud of me and what I've done.  He loved me before and probably loves me the same no matter what weight I am.  I don't really think it's about weight- I think it's about what I've done and how happy I'm becoming is what's making him proud of me. If that makes sense?

I'm proud of him too for putting forth effort to lose some weight.  I think he's down 6 pounds so far maybe?  And he hasn't started working out, just trying to make an effort to watch what he eats.  We had McDonald's the other night (I had a kids meal) and he used to get 2 burgers and a large fry and large coke... and maybe an apple pie or maybe even another burger.  Well I saw that all he got was one burger and a large fry and coke (which he usually doesn't drink much of it anyway).  I told him I was proud of him for not getting too much. 

We went to lunch yesterday and he got a grilled chicken sandwich and didn't upgrade to a large fry.  He was very conscious about what he should get to drink too.  SO PROUD of him!  I even offered him the rest of my fries and he didn't eat them.  :) I know he was probably still hungry after that but he didn't go back, he didn't get cobbler for desert.  He may not be eating everything healthy like I try to but he isn't eating as much.  That's a big deal!  So, I love ya baby for trying and being more aware of what you eat!  :)

I think him seeing what I'm doing and finally seeing a difference in me is helping motivate him to try harder. 

Anyway, I should probably get up and take care of the house and the little people living in it.  :)  These little people sure can be annoying and needy!

I wish I could realize that cleaning burns a lot of calories... so why can't I just jump up and clean this dang house and burn calories?  Ugh!  I guess it's gotta be done!

Until we meet again...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

To all of my "emotional" eaters, food adicts...

I was watching Extreme Weightloss tonight and it really hit home.... not really for me but for some very close people to me...  So this if for you...

I want to be an inspiration to you, I want to help you in your journey, if you need me, please let me know.

I was going to go more into my life here and talk about how I was once addicted to food... but I think I just want to go into the fact that you CAN overcome the dang food addiction and emotional eating.  It's possible....

It takes great effort on your part and you have to be emotionally ready to lose the weight and change your life.

There were so many times that I battled with my dang fat girl inside me and I still do at times.  When I first started this journey I had to keep telling myself that I'm doing this for the long run, I want to change, I want to be happy, I want to find the real ME!

Chris Powell always seems to find a way inside the person who is battling with themselves and once they finally overcome that evil inside them, that's when their transformation begins.

I hear someone close to me always say, "I so badly want to lose this weight, I'm ready, I want this weight off."  But are they really?  Not one week later I hear them say, "It has been a bad week."

I understand that it's hard.  The first step is always the hardest.

1.  Don't eat in front of your TV
2.  Don't keep foods in your house that you will be tempted to eat because YOU WILL EAT IT!
3.  Don't make excuses!

The more you resist the temptations, the easier it becomes.  The more you give yourself excuses, the harder it is to change your mind.

I'm having a hard time writing down everything I want to say.  Sometimes I feel like I can talk and talk and talk about this to people but some people are just not truly ready to change.  I know, I've been there.

If you have a bad day/week... don't beat yourself up over it, just dust yourself off and try a little harder the next time.  Not everything is going to be easy.  YOU are the one who put that food in your mouth.  YOU are the one who chose to be fat.  YOU are the only one who can make the change and become a healthier person.

I'll be there to support you but you are the only one who can decide that you are ready to get up and do something about your life.

Think of all the things you are missing out on because you are overweight.  Think of all the things you could be doing if you would just lose that extra weight that's holding you down.  Think of how happy it is going to feel to be able to put on clothes and they fit.  Think of how happy you are going to feel to be able to shop in those stores you couldn't shop in before.  Think of how happy you will be to look in the mirror and no longer see a sad face but a happy face filled with life!

I know those little things keep me going and keep pushing me forward.

Think of how much effort it took you to lose 1, 2, or even 5 pounds.  Would you really want to go backwards by giving into your temptation?  Or, think of how bad you are going to feel when you do have one of those emotional eating binges.  You're gonna wake up the next day and regret ever doing that to yourself.

I'm not saying you can't eat a candy bar or something... but if you do, don't keep on doing it because you "messed up."  Eat one, get it over with, and move on from it.  Don't dwell on it.  We aren't perfect.  I even say, why wait until tomorrow when you think you've screwed up?  When you realize what you've done and you feel guilty about your emotional eating or your food addiction then stand up and walk away from the food.  You don't have to wait until tomorrow or "Monday" to start over.  If you keep waiting till tomorrow, tomorrow will never come and then you will be back in that slippery slope again and before you know it, you'll weigh more than you did before.

Throw it out!  If all you think about is that bag of chips or that tub of ice cream in your house, THROW IT OUT!  I used to do that- I'd take a bite or 2 and then pour the rest out.  The cost of the food wasn't worth the battle I had inside me.  I felt much better once I did throw it out and the temptation from that food went away shortly after doing that.

There are times when I wish I could change the mind of someone and help them see what their life would be like if they lost their extra weight.  But, I can't.  I can only be there as support and cheer them on.  I wish losing weight was easy, but it's not.

But it's so rewarding!  It is such a great feeling to wake up one day and realize that you have lost 51 pounds.  It is such a great feeling to know that YOU did that!  There wasn't anyone else who put your tennis shoes on and made you go for that walk.  There wasn't anyone spoon feeding you good food, YOU did that on your own!  There wasn't anyone else battling those temptations or those thoughts inside you but you! Yes you had support but the only person who can lose that weight and change your life and your mind is you!

Anyway, if you need someone to slap you in the face and tell you to wake up and live, I'll be that girl for you.  If you need someone to talk to or advice, I'll be that girl for you.  If you need someone to talk to when you are having an emotional day and all you feel like doing is eating, I'll be here.

I want everyone to join in with me and become happy healthy fit people!

I can't WAIT till I'm fit and in the best shape of my life.  My journey is well on it's way and as my 6 year old told me tonight, "I'm halfway away from being skinny."

So maybe I'm halfway away from finally finding my inner skinny girl. (22.5 pounds away from 145!- doesn't seem that far away!)

Until we meet again...

Push yourself!

Last night I didn't feel like going for my walk but I knew I needed to.  I had my workout clothes on, my shoes were tied, I had no excuse.

Right before I left, Jason said something to me about running more when I walked.   So, once Michael Jackson started singing to me, I told myself that I was going to push as hard as I could tonight and beat my average speed.

I usually add a little running to my walking and end up with an average speed of 3.2 mph.  I kept telling myself that this is my workout time, if Chris Powell was here, he would tell me to not give up and to dig deeper.  So that's what I did.

I ran and then walked and ran and walked and ran more than I've run before.  I kept thinking that I'm not going to die and to keep moving my feet until they literally can't move anymore.  It sure was hard for me.  But, I feel like if I keep doing what I did last night that I'll be running longer and farther each time! 

I came home for a brief moment to get a drink of water and could barely get a word out.  Then I went back out and ran even more.

I know I didn't run the whole time and I couldn't.  I did end up doing more steps than I usually do and a faster speed than I normally do. 

I ran/walked 6,835 steps in about 50 minutes.  Which is about 3.9-4.1 mph.  I know that's no runner's speed.  I sure wish I knew about how fast I was running when I was running.

But, I feel good about that.  Now I woke up with a sore hip and will probably walk it out tonight and then run again the next night. 

My goal is to beat my time each night. 

Weird feeling happened last night- I think I wanted to go again after I was in bed thinking about it.  I think I've got a little addiction now to running.  I think I hit that wall and then pushed myself through it and kept on running.

I keep debating whether or not I could run a 5K and if I do like I did last night and push myself, I think I could do it in no time! 

I didn't feel like Fat Albert running last night.  I didn't feel like I was hitting the ground hard and I didn't feel so jiggly.  It's a lot easier to run when you don't have so much weight to carry!

In other news...

I was looking online on myfitnesspal last night at some before and after pictures of people!  What a motivation!  I did see a few people who were super heavy and had that belly flap that is no longer there!  So, it is possible to lose this extra skin.  In fact, my extra skin really is getting smaller and less noticeable (I should probably take a picture so one day I can compare it!).  It's exciting to think that one day I'll be able to wear a bikini (a long time from now, but some day)!  One day I won't be all weird about my belly showing.  One day I'll have flat abs.

I know it's going to take some time but my body is currently under construction.  I don't get sad each day about how far I have left to go, I take it one day at a time and look forward to making those small steps that will lead me towards my little skinny girl I once knew.

I'm on my way and nothing's gonna stop me! 

I put on my jeans straight from the closet yesterday and they are about falling off my body!  I can easily pull them up over my tummy.  That's one feeling that's gonna take me a long time to get used to!

I also threw on a size large t-shirt WITHOUT stretching it out to make room for my belly and boobs.  That's another feeling I'm gonna have to get used to.  I don't have to wear an undershirt tank top to help suck in my stomach anymore.

Oh it's such a great feeling to start really seeing and feeling the difference of losing 50+ pounds.

Weight today: 167.5.  I smiled today when I stepped on the scale. (51 pounds gone forever- scale is still moving)

Time to go make myself a protein shake, take my pills (antibiotic and pain pill) and get my oldest child off to his summer school (thank goodness because it's only 8am and I've already had enough of him fighting with his sister).  SHEESH CHILDREN!

Until we meet again, a little lighter, a little faster...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Measurements comparison

I usually try not to do my measurements but every other week but I am just curious today, so why not.  Last time I did my measurements was right after my detox on July 15th.  It's been one week exactly. I weighed 168.5 then and 168.5 today.

7/22/13 Measurements and Weight 168.5

  • Waist: 36.25" (-.75")
  • Hips: 40.5" (-.5")
  • Chest: 37.5" (same)
  • Neck: 13.25 (same)
  • Leg: 22.5 (same)
  • Arm: 11.5" (-.25")
 Total inches lost in 1 week- 1.25"

Now I'm curious to know the difference from the beginning of the summer and now...  Back on June 9th I weighed exactly 10 pounds more than today at 178.5.

6/9/13 Measurements and Weight 178.5  The first number is then and then the difference.

  • Waist: 38.25" (-2")
  • Hips: 43.5" (-3")
  • Chest: 42" (-4.5")
  • Neck: 12.125" (+1.125)- not sure what's up with this?
  • Leg: 26.375" (-3.9")
  • Arm: 12.75" (-1.25")
Total inches lost (excluding neck, something's not right there): 14.65!

Pretty interesting.  Thing are for sure starting to tighten up.

Went over to my father-in-laws house (across the street) on Saturday night and did elliptical for 35 minutes and the stationary bike for about 20 minutes while lifting the little 3 pound weights.

I haven't had a bad bad food day in a very long time.  I've had some snacks and some things I wouldn't consider the healthiest but I haven't overdone it in a very long time.  Jason ordered pizza the other night and I just ate one piece.

See, this is a life style change.  I feel like as long as I don't over do it or give up and eat till I'm stuffed then I can eat whatever I want to.  I feel like I can have that piece of pizza on occasion... not the whole pizza.  I can have a scoop of ice cream (though I haven't had one in a long time), just not the whole carton of ice cream.  :)

I know there are many of you that have felt like you "screwed up."  Just get back up and don't feel like you have to give up completely because you ate something you shouldn't have or because you haven't worked out in a while like you should be.  Don't beat yourself up over one bad day or even a week.

We all have our off days and days when we just feel like eating everything in sight.  The thing that's different is that you do it and then you get over it and get back up on your feet and continue to live a healthy life.

Time to get ready to take Conner to the dentist. 

Until we meet again...

Friday, July 19, 2013


Since after having children (and probably before) I have not been able to tuck in a shirt and show my belt.

After all my kids I wore maternity tank tops and under shirts that went over my tummy and helped keep my belly from showing to much (or so I thought at the time anyway, I'm sure you can only hide so much).

I wore a belt but it was never seen because my tummy usually hung over it, or I was too worried about my love handles.

So yesterday I put on my little white shorts (love them, size 12 from Polo), and my school shirt (because we went to deliver books to our upcoming kindergarten students) and was so giddy inside that I had finally done it!

After all this time of not wearing my shirts tucked in EVER, I did it!

I wish I had taken a picture but I didn't.

What a great feeling!!!!  It's those little things that you start noticing that seem so much bigger.

I also ordered me a size medium shirt last night too for the upcoming school year!  Not sure I'll be in it yet... but soon.

I am for sure out of the XL size shirts, they look like I'm wearing my husbands shirts when I put them on.  He even had to check the tag the other day just to be sure that I wasn't wearing one of his shirts.  HA!

So in my last post I think I talked about how I had a migraine and strep.  Well the migraine is gone and either it just had to take a few days or it could have been because I had been so "clogged up" from those Dr. Oz shakes I did.  Yesterday they all came loose and since then I've felt much better.  Not sure anything is related and sorry, TMI!

Time to go enjoy my shake today... I think I let it blend too long because it's turned into whipped cream!  I'll have to eat this with a spoon today.  :D

My shake:
1.5 scoops of protein powder
1 cup frozen raspberries
1-2 tbs (kinda dropped it in there) raw cacao powder
12 oz skim milk

Until we meet again...

Oh and my weight today was: 169.5  So I'm up a pound but I'm quite excited about keeping some of the weight off after the detox.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My first migraine! :O

So I think all of the headaches I had led up to an explosive migraine headache!  I've never had a migraine headache before and don't ever want one again...

I'll make this quick because I just want to crawl back in bed and sleep.

My head starting hurting really bad yesterday and got worse to the point of putting me in bed tossing and turning and crying.

I have never had so much pain in my life!  My eyeballs felt like they were going to pop out of my head, couldn't stand up or lay down without my head feeling like it was full of blood on the top of my head.  The pain went from my left temple to my right temple and pulsated over the top of my head.  My neck was stiff and I couldn't move my head left or right.  When I tried to look down I got a shooting pain from the top of the back of my neck to all the way down to my shoulder blades. 

Needless to say, I was in pain!  I took some excedrin migraine pills and tried to sleep... well I guess the caffeine and the pain in my head caused me to get NO sleep.  I kept waking up, going to the bathroom, feeling nauseous and waiting until it was a fairly decent time of the morning to wake Jason up and tell him I felt like I was going to die. 

Went to the doctor about my migraine and he felt around on my neck and chest (oh yeah, I had some chest pressure pain all day too!) and when he felt my neck he thought I had some swollen lymph nodes so he decided to do a strep test.  I was sure I did NOT have strep...

Well I have strep!  Ugh, so I probably have a stomach bug (Conner is still sick with one), migraine headache, and strep!

So I'm taking some medicine and am gonna go lay down.

I'm thankful for my husband for taking off work to take me to the doctor and helping me.  I'm also thankful for my sister who watched the 2 younger kids while I went to the doctor and until Jason got done with work around 5!  She also made dinner for us!

So that's all I can write right now.  I did weigh 168 at the doctor.

Until we meet again...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weight and measurements after detox...

Good morning- I feel like I should take a picture of the scale...

Well shoot... I'm not sure how to rotate a picture out here... :/  But, if you can read this upside down it says 168.5
Total loss on the detox- 3.5

TOTAL POUNDS LOST- 50!!!! Oficially 50 pounds of me gone forever!

I feel good about the loss.  I didn't do the detox to lose weight but a little push in the right direction when I've been stuck for a little while never hurt.

Would I do the detox again- maybe.

I'm starting to wonder now if I was truly sick because Conner woke up last night around 3am because he had a nightmare but when he laid with us in bed he was burning up.  I took his temp today and he has a low grade temp and doesn't feel well.  :(  Poor guy.

So maybe I was sick.  Top that off with trying to detox and man I felt horrible!

My throat is still sore.  Not as bad but it's still there.

I use myfitnesspal almost every day.  There's another app I use called tactio health.  I like their graphs and some of their data.  You can e-mail yourself a complete packet of data about your total health!  It's quite amazing and FREE!  I don't even use half of the stuff out there.  You can put your blood pressure in and your cholesterol number and glucose information and so much more.  It's a great app!  You can even send your doctor a copy of your data if you needed to.  Very neat.
So if you can see this... it appears that back in April 2012 I entered a weight almost up to 235! Guess that was right after having Rylan.  So then shortly after that I entered in a weight if 218.5 and seemed to stay around that until toward the end of July, 2012.  Pretty neat.  It shows my target weight at 160 which is in the green (I entered that as one of my goals). I'm out of the red (obese) and into the yellow (overweight).

Now for my measurements.

7/15/13 Measurements and Weight 168.5 (-6.5 pounds since last measurements)
  • Waist: 37" (-1")
  • Hips: 41" (-.5")
  • Chest: 37.5 (-1.5" This really has been the place where I just keep losing inches, sorry babe! :P)
  • Neck: 13.25 (-.25)
  • Leg: 22.5 (-.5")
  • Arm: 11.75 (-.5")
Overall total inches lost in the past 5 days (last measurements was on the 10th): 4.25!

That's a big difference.  Finally my belly is losing those inches!  Slowly but surely.

I've been doing my kettlebell weights a few times a week.  I know that's what's helping me tighten up!  I did them last night and was able to do more reps than the last time I did them.  WOOHOO!  I can feel my stomach muscles (my core) coming closer to the top!  There's still fat on top and some skin but it's slowly melting away. 

WEIGHTS PEOPLE!  When I hear people say that they just can't lose weight and they work out all the time and they eat right, I ask them if they have tried adding some resistance.  NO!  So I tell them that resistance is what's gonna help you lose your inches.  I'm proof here that it's helping!  :)

So my plan for recovery after this detox- I plan to have 2 shakes a day for a few days and then a health dinner and snack.  Then after a few days of that I'll go back to 1 shake a day and a healthy lunch, dinner, and snack.  I may add shakes to my lunch plan when I return to school.

I feel like having soup today... still kinda have a craving for a big fat juicy pizza but I'll resist.  I'm thinking it is sodium that I'm craving because these detox shakes didn't have much sodium.

Ok, I'm off to make my breakfast shake a potty train Lauren!  She can do it sometimes but doesn't always tell me when she needs to go.  So, no more pullups.  We ran out anway, so when she asked for a diaper today I said we were out and she would have to go in the potty.  A little fussing and talk of reward of a sticker  and Dora panties got her on the potty.  SO HERE WE GO!  I've gotta get her out of diapers before she goes back to daycare!

Until we meet again...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I can see clearly now...

I'm coming back out of my funk and seem to be feeling much better.  Throat is still a bit sore... but other than that I'm feeling normal.

I was able to get more of the lunch shake down today.  I peeled the apple and cucumber so it wasn't as bad of a texture.

I know I've probably lost a lot of water weight but heck, I guess I was holding onto a lot of water weight too.

Weight was down (as mentioned earlier) to 169 this morning. 

That means my total weight loss is up to 49.5 pounds.  I'm just a half pound away from having lost 50 pounds!

I was looking back at some pictures on facebook and kept asking Jason, "Do I look like this now?  Does my face look like this?"  He kept saying, "No, it's much skinnier now."

I don't really know what I look like... does that make sense?

I do know that the other day when I was getting the kids happy meals at McDonald's I looked at my reflection in the window and didn't get discusted!  I was actually happy with what I saw looking back at me.

I can see the skinny girl more now than the fat girl looking at me.  I see a happy girl in the window now.  I don't see a sad depressed fat girl who can't stand to look at herself.

What a great feeling that is!  WHAT A GREAT FEELING THAT IS!

I get a little giddy inside thinking about how much closer I am to reaching my goal.  Really, I haven't had a goal in mind... or an ultimate goal but I've kinda set it at 145.  Or, to be in a size 8 maybe? 6?  But I don't know what weight is gonna put me there and what I'll look like when I get there.

My ultimate goal I guess is to be completely happy and satisfied with my body.  To be able to look at myself in the mirror naked and like what I see.

Not sure when that's going to happen.  But I'm getting closer.

My belly still pooches out but it doesn't hang over anymore.  I don't wear my pants under that belly flap anymore.  I'm almost comfortable tucking in a shirt and being able to see my belt!!!

I can't remember when the last time I was able to see my belt!  HA!

I know I've said these things already a lot but I still get shocked every time I step on the scale and I don't see a number starting with a 2!

I asked Conner today how much he thought I weighed (because he was proud that he gained a pound today) and he said "184."  CLOSE!  Ha!  It seems like just yesterday I was 184.  :)

I am for sure out of the 80's and not 100% sure I'm out of the 70's yet but there's hope!  Seeing that 6 there today was so exciting!  :)

So bring on the 60's.  Let's hope they go quickly!

Here are some pictures...

May 2010- 3 months after Lauren was born

May 2010- After Lauren was born.

Sept. 2010- 7 months after Lauren was born.

July 2011- When I first lost weight- got down to 184 I think.

March 30, 2013- Starting to lose some weight.
Wedding day- I can't remember how much I weighed then.

Senior Year of highschool- 1999- would love to be that skinny again- 115ish size 0-4?!

Fun to walk down memory lane every now and then... back to the reality now... screaming children!  Ugh!

Day 2 and Day 3 of Dr. Oz Detox

Well I made it to the last day of the detox...

Yesterday was a pretty crappy day.  For those who have done this detox and say they felt great and had energy and bla bla bla they must have been lying!

I stayed in bed ALL DAY LONG!  I was achy all over and had a headache.

The lunch shake was hard to drink.  I did think it had a better flavor but I just couldn't stomach all of it.  In fact, I got sick to my stomach.  But I didn't throw up. 

(I'm having a hard time writing right now because I am so angry... not sure exactly why, but everything is putting me on the edge.  I just want to escape from this house.  The children are driving me crazy, this house is driving me mad!)

My throat is still sore today.  I'm starting to wonder if that is because of all the lemon I've had is what cause my sore throat.  So today, I'm going to drink less lemon water in between my shakes.

I HAVEN'T POOPED!  That's a big thing here.  The main reason I did this was the CLEANSE my body... so you'd expect me to have great success in the bathroom... not the case.  I only had a little on day 1.

I ate a whole banana and some almond butter yesterday as my snack.  I was too tired to make a shake and I figured it was in the shake anyway, so why not.  I have found a new love- ALMOND BUTTER!  It's almost better tasting than peanut butter to me!

While watching TV yesterday I swear my body was talking to me.  Every dang commercial was a pizza commercial!  Then when I went to the store to get more epsom salt, I saw pizza places all around me!  WHY OH WHY!?  I guess that's one of my big cravings and the fat girl who's been bound inside me with duct tape was trying to speak just a little bit and tell me what she thought of this detox.  :)

I'm looking forward to being done with this detox.  I'm wondering if I will feel fresh and renewed or just pissed off and screwed up.  My equilibrium is out of kilter too.  I can't seem to sit straight and feel normal.  My head is in a bog and I can't seem to think clearly.

This detox sure has thrown me for a loop.  I just hope I come back from it normal tomorrow.

Who knew that going to a strict raw diet was going to make a huge change?

I guess I'll mention what the scale said today (not getting my hopes up cause I'm sure it will go back up after this detox is over).  169!  In the 60's.  :)  It sure would be nice if I could keep this weight off.  But I'm sure it's just water weight that I've lost anyway.

I'm going to slowly eat back foods that I've taken away these 3 days.

Tomorrow I plan to have some kind of shake in the morning, some soup for lunch (not sure why but I'm craving soup...  like I'm craving chicken broth or something), and then a salad with grilled chicken or salmon on top and hardly any dressing.  Maybe a shake for a snack.

Well I'll have to finish later, the husband is home with McDonald's breakfast for the kids and he's trying to get everything ready and there's too much dang noise around for me to think!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox- Day 2

I just have to say... I FEEL LIKE CRAP!

I did my epsom salt bath last night, that was relaxing.  I did realize that 1.  I could get into the bathtub and 2. I need a bigger bath tub!  Though I fit fine, I just couldn't get deep enough into the water.  But it was nice and hot and relaxing anyway.  Will do this more often for sure!

I asked Jason last night if I felt like I had a fever.  He felt my head and said oh yeah.  My throat feels like I have strep on the right side, my head hurts, I'm achy all over.  My eyes hurt.  I slept ok but woke up sweaty like my fever had broken during the night.

So today, I'm not going to take my ADD pill and I'm going to just push on through with these shakes and see what happens.

I have been reading many many sites that talk about the syptoms of a detox and I feel like I have every single symptom.

I know there are friends who think this is quack.  My husband is one of them.  I'm not sure what I believe but we'll see how I feel after this detox is over.

I had my tea this morning, that felt nice and hot on my throat.

I made my breakfast shake and let it blend for longer than yesterday.  Instead of just adding plain water to it, I used the coconut water.  Not sure if that's what did the trick but this shake tastes very yummy today.  Much better than yesterday.  I am trying to not get seeds in my mouth and just swallow it and that seems to help too.

I think Jason ran out of the house as fast as he could this morning (luckily he took Lauren with him) because I am one grouchy lady.  I don't mean to and I don't see it but I guess I must be.  I just want to curl up in bed and go back to sleep... but I have to go change a dirty diaper and feed the little one.  :/

Until later...

OH!  Weight today- 171  (down 1 pound)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Let the Detox begin...

Good morning blogging world.

I'll start by saying my weight today was down!!!  My monthly friend also made an appearance today so that could be the reason my weight finally dropped.  172!  :)  So, a half pound down since the last time I recorded but 2 pounds down since yesterday.  Women sure do know how to hold on to that water weight!  (and this is before I went to the bathroom too!  :P)

I went to the store last night to get stuff for the Dr. Oz 3 day detox/cleanse.  I'm sure some of you think he's a quack or whatever but the smoothies sounded interesting and I get enough calories for the day that this shouldn't be a problem.

It was more expensive than what Dr. Oz said... I didn't have a lot of the supplies at home so I had to buy everything!  :/  So instead of it costing about 50 dollars, it was closer to the 100 dollar mark... though I did buy some other things and more than I needed on the fruit... so maybe not that far over.


So I got up today kinda excited about making the first shake.

You start by having your green tea with lemon drink.  I went ahead and made my shake first... I'll have my tea here in a bit.  I am having oolong tea since I already had that.

Breakfast shake...

1 cup water
1 cup raspberries
1 banana
1/4 cup spinach
1 tbs almond butter (quite tasty!)
1 tbs flax seed
2 tsp lemon

It turns a pretty pink color.  The verdict?  I can't stand raspberry seeds!  That's my only complaint.  I should have put more lemon in it too.  Not a bad flavor.  Nice and thick.  Just wish it didn't have seeds to get all stuck in my teeth!

If I drink it fast then there isn't much of a problem.

Now I'm suppose to to take my 1/2 multivitamin and pro biotic supplement.  So, I'll do that and drink my morning detox tea and get back with you later on how my lunch shake was.

Lunch Time!

My breakfast seemed to last a while for me.  I didn't get hungry again until about 1.  I probably should have made it a little earlier but I was busy trying to organize kids toys!

Lunch Shake...

4 Celery Stalks (cut it up so it isn't too stringy)
1 cucumber (wasn't sure if I was suppose to keep the skin on, so I did)
1 cup Kale Leaves (have never had Kale)
1/2 green apple
1/2 lime
1 Tbs. Coconut Oil (I've been cooking with this lately)
1/2 cup Almond Milk
1 Cup Pineapple

I added a cup of water because it wasn't blending well enough for me.

Verdict:  Love this more than breakfast!  So, when I get a snack, I think this will be it.

It makes a HUGE amount.  I think I'll get 2 of these cups.

One complaint- wish my blender would make everything smoother.  It is very pulpy.  I let it go like forever but it just didn't get it as good as I'd like.  But I really like the flavor of this one.

Poop Update (because you all want to know, right?)

After breakfast (about an hour later) I went successfully to the bathroom.  :D
Then I went again about an hour after that.

So far, so good!  :)

Time to drink!  :P

OK- I can not finish this lunch shake... not sure I have to but I guess I'll leave the other half for later as a snack!  It's a lot to drink at one time!

Oh and when I was reading reviews there were people complaining of headaches.  Yup, I have a slight headache but nothing too bad.  I'll keep an eye on that (could be from Lauren screaming in my ear!).

I made me some lemon/lime infused water to drink.  I need to make sure to drink water along with  my shakes!

Dinner Time!

I have had a headache kinda hang around all day.  I haven't had to go number 2 in the bathroom again since this morning.  But, I have been peeing all day!  :)  I've been trying to drink more water so that could be part of it and the lunch one had a lot of veggies that were mostly water.

So, on to dinner.  I have been dreading this one all day because it has cayenne pepper in it!  :O  I'm a wuss with heat.  I can take some but not a lot.

I was reading a review today and someone suggested to put the cayenne pepper in part of the shake and drink it really fast and then enjoy the rest of the shake.  SMART!  So I did that.  :)

I have to say that this is my favorite shake of the day!

Dinner Shake...

1/2 cup mango
1 cup blueberries
1 1/2 cup coconut water (I have never tried this and the drink doesn't really taste like coconut at all)
1 cup Kale
1 Tbs Lemon
1/4 avocado
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tbs flax seed

Who knew that blueberries and mango went well with avocado!

I'm going to try to go walking tonight once the kids are in bed ... NOPE, my head hurts and I feel kinda achy!  I think I'm just going to enjoy my epsom salt bath and go to bed early. I was suppose to get lavender oil... but I couldn't find it at walmart.  So I'll see how it is with just epsom salt.  Never done that either.

Off to finish my dinner drink and get these headache making children to BED!  I can't take one more spoon being dropped or one more scream!  I think my head is going to EXPLODE!


Breakfast- didn't like the seeds
Lunch- Had a headache and enjoyed my shake.
Dinner- Loved the shake and feel quite headachy and pissy!

Some people complained about wanting to "chew" their food but so far I haven't cared much about that.  I kinda like just drinking my food (and it kinda helps to drink it in a big WINE GLASS!  HA!)

I'm hoping my mood will be better tomorrow.  I think the mixture of this detox/cleanse and that time of the month and LOUD children and it being HOT outside are making for one crappy me!

Looking forward to seeing how I feel when I wake up tomorrow.  

Until we meet again...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Detox? Cleanse? Here we go again...

Darn you Dr. Oz... not sure why I watch the show but every now and then it pops up and makes me go hmmmm...

I won't go into much details but I have kinda been having digestion problems... or lack there of!

So I think I may do a detox cleanse again.... well it's been a long time.  I once tried the lemon detox thingy years ago and that was BAD!  I tried the cabbage soup diet and that was ok.

So I was watching Oz today about cleaning all the crap out of our bodies and eating clean.  So...

I looked up the eating clean 5 week detox and started my shopping list and got a page into the list and realized that this was going to be WAY too much money if it's only for myself.

So plan B is going to be a 3 day detox cleanse.  I just need to feel normal.  I haven't felt normal in the... bathroom area for a while and think this might help clean some things out.

3 days- I think I can handle that.  I'm not doing this to lose weight, just to help cleanse me and make me feel all nice and fresh.  :D

So I'll lay it out here:

Day 1:
Morning detox tea (1 green tea- I think I'll do my oolong tea since I have it) and 1 slice of lemon
Breakfast drink (its a shake- water, flax seed, raspberries, banana, spinach, almond butter, and lemon)
1/2 multivitamin and probiotic supplement
Lunch drink (celery, cucumber, kale leaves, apple, lime, coconut oil, almond milk, pineapple)
1/2 multivitamin and omega 3 supplement
Snack- repeat one of the shakes
 Dinner Drink- (mango, blueberries, coconut water, kale, lemon, avocado, cayenne pepper, flax seed)
Detox Ultra Bath- epsom salt and 10 drops of lavender oil

Repeat for 3 days.  :)

I've been wanting to make more shakes, so here's a good way to start.  :)

Anyway, Jason just got home and I have to deal with kids and dinner.  Might go to the store tomorrow and pick up everything.

What are your thoughts on detox's and cleanses?

Once again- not doing this to lose weight, just to make my tummy feel better and POOP!  :P

Muscle weighs more than fat... and random thoughts...

I can't help but get frustrated when I step on the scale and it hasn't budged much in the past few weeks... however, I know I need to keep in mind that I have added resistance to my training and this could be causing me to weigh more.

Here's some food for thought:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Measurements and Weight...

I was starting to get a little frustrated because the darn scale just won't move and keeps going up and down like a stinkin' roller coaster.  Then after reading and remembering what a friend said, I'm just going to have to give up the scale for a while or try not to think about it for a while!  My muscles are apparently holding on to some water or whatever because they are getting worked out and tired... or whatever the technical term is.  I'm eating fine and working out, so I know I'm headed in the right direction even if the scale doesn't reflect that.

Right before Branson or a couple of days before that, I weighed 172.5.  Today, once again, 175.  So, I decided that it was time to see if I have lost any inches (tomorrow will be 2 weeks since the last time I measured).  Here are my results...

 almost 2 weeks ago:
6/27/13 Measurements and Weight 173.5

  • Waist: 38.25"
  • Hips: 42.75'
  • Chest: 39.75
  • Neck: 13.5"
  • Leg: 23.5'"
  • Arm: 12.5"  
and today:
7/10/13 Measurements and Weight 175
  • Waist: 38 (probably really no loss, but .25" gone- this is my trouble area that just won't budge)
  • Hips: 41.5" (loss of 1.25"- it's probably all butt!)
  • Chest: 39 (loss of .75" sorry honey!)
  • Neck: 13.5" (same)
  • Leg: 23" (loss of .5")
  • Arm: 12.25" (loss of .25")
Total inches lost: 3 inches

So I'm making progress.  I'd like to be losing more around my waist but it just isn't leaving.  That extra skin from babies and from being fat, is just kinda stuck there.

I did put on one of the shorts I got last Saturday and they were NOT snug and I thought I could have actually gotten 1 size smaller.

My 14's are not snug, they are actually getting lose on me.

I have a few size 12 I can fit into.

The bra lady measured me and said I could wear a C cup but D would be more comfy.  C!!!  I haven't been a C since who knows when!  :O  Probably before I got married too!
So the proof is in pudding.

Monday I walked (with running) and did my kettlebell routine.
Tuesday I walked as fast as I could (had my pedometer on and I used some calculations to figure out my average speed.  Still can't seem to get faster with just walking than 3.2-3.5 mph).  Then I did my kettlebell (was able to do more without getting as tired), some pushups (was able to do 10 of them on my knees), some crunches, around the world things, and some things I remember doing on the insanity video. 

I probably over did myself last night!  I forgot to take my protein recovery drink after and about 1 hour later my muscles were aching!  So bad that I finally decided to get up and drink it and take some ibprofen.  :O

I'm feeling a little sore today but not like I was last night.

Anyway, I know I'm headed in the right direction.  I feel like maybe I haven't been pushing myself hard enough.  So, I'm gonna try to keep on pushing and see how far I can push.

Jason did say (after I made him look at me flex) that he was impressed with my triceps.  I can see and feel them.  I can also see my bicep a little (have a little bump).  My calves are not where I'd like them to be but I'm starting to be able to see them a bit. 

It's exciting to see change and to feel change.  So, even though the scale doesn't show it, I know I'm doing something and maybe I'm just getting stronger and building more muscle (reguardless of if they are just sore and holding on to water).

Gotta get ready to take Conner to the dentist to get a cap (he's excited but I don't think he knows what he's in for!).  :O 

Until we meet again, a little stronger, a little happier, a little skinnier!...

Oh and I wanted to say that my mom is now working on finding her skinny girl and so is another teacher friend.  :)  YOU CAN DO IT!  I'm so proud.  It makes me feel like I've pulled them over to the "dark side"... if that makes any sense.  It's like another one joins my team in losing weight and gaining a better life. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Happy Happy shopping spree and Branson Vacation.

I'm home from a great extended weekend vacation in Branson with the family.

Time to run harder, sweat more, and lose more!

I feel like I did fairly well eating while on vacation.  I did splurge a little while I was there and had a bite or 3 of a mountain size cookie...  White chocolate macadamia nut at Silver Dollar City!  and a few bites of this yummy monkey bread thing!

So let's see.  We got to Branson on Wednesday and didn't really do anything but unpack the car and get situated.  It took the kids until well after midnight to fall asleep.  Then Rylan woke up and proceeded to throw up on ALL of his blankets in his pack-n-play (note to self- don't put ALL of the blankets in there with him ever again!).  So I had to stumble out of bed (with the effects of zquil) and move all blankets and give him a bath and attempt to not wake anyone else up (which I didn't).  So... then I finally got some sleep around 3 and the kids were back awake around 7 I think... maybe 8.

Thursday... had breakfast and got ready.  Thanks to my mom for spoiling me on having my protein shake with ice in a blender!  Now I can't just use my shaker ball and shake my drink!  As I sit here and type I'm drinking a nice smooth creamy shake from my ninja blender (haven't used it in a while anyway, it needed some attention). 

Jason and I made a shopping list for food (since we do a lot of eating in the resort) and went to walmart with my dad's credit card... hmmm this could be fun!  jk  We left Conner and Rylan there with my mom while we went. 

After walmart we stopped off at Target to get a new stroller!  YAY!  The only color they had was purple in the one we wanted... so we go it.  I'm ok with that I guess.

After we got home we all got ready and took everyone to Joes Crab Shack!!!  OMG!  I usually don't like getting crab because it's so much work for little results.  But the minute I opened the special menu and saw the bucket that was with a CORONA BEACH BATH!  I was in love!  It was GOOD!  I ate every single dang bite (well I left a couple of potatoes).  :)  The kids did well.. Conner had tried his new medicine and it hit him really hard.  He was well behaved but he didn't feel like eating and seemed a little grumpy.  Lauren was just cute and wouldn't sit down.  Rylan was making my stomach hurt from laughing so much (I think he was just overly tired and goofy).  He was making everyone around him laugh.  He likes to open his mouth real big and do this fake laugh.  So cute!  Anyway, here's a picture of what I got and the other on the right is what I convinced my mom to get (she wanted to get fried shrimp but I told her this would be a better choice!)  Jason of course got the king crab and my dad got him a bucket of crab too.  Overall, GREAT LUNCH/Dinner.

Oh after looking at this... I didn't get the one on the left.  I did get one of the Corona beach bath things but it didn't have lobster, just shrimp and crab.

So after that (it was the 4th).  We stayed and let the kids play in the little outside play area for a few minutes and then headed back to the hotel.  We had decided to take just Conner out for the 4th and take him to Silver Dollar City.  By the time we got there, they were closed and not doing fireworks this year.  So we found plan B, The Tracks.  A place with bumper cars and inside play stuff.

He was in HEAVEN!  He had told me that he wanted to have just a little fun.  He ended up having the most fun I've seen him have... like EVER!  I absolutely LOVED skeeball!  He called it bowling and it amazed me that he never once got frustrated when he didn't get it right or the ball didn't make it all the way up.  I don't think I've ever seen that child so excited in his little life.  I will never forget that night.  Conner and I did the bumper boats in the water together.  He did really good in his own boat.  I was so proud.  Then we watched some fireworks that were right across the street.  And even though they were loud, he watched them and didn't plug his ears.  We convinced him to ride the go-carts with daddy and he loved it.  I think that was the best night EVER!  We ended with getting his a little prize.  He couldn't decide what to get, so the lady behind the counter finally said, "what do you see that you want?"  He pointed to something worth 400 tickets and she gave it to him (even though he only had 80 tickets).  What a great experience overall!

Got home and put him to bed and went for a walk around the resort. 

Friday- SILVER DOLLAR CITY!  Woke up and got ready to go.  Took Lauren and Conner and kept Rylan at the hotel with my mom. 

I won't make this super long... Let's see.  Jason got him a motorized cart (with shade), Conner was kinda in a weird mood.  Lauren LOVED riding rides.  We got there and took them on the lost mine ride and they were scared the whole time.  Jason said Conner clung to him so hard and Lauren sat next to me just quiet.  So that was a bust.  We walked on over to the kid area and Conner wanted to go to the dog show.  It was not until 2 but he wanted to go then!  We took the kids over to the kiddy area and Conner wouldn't ride anything with me.  I took Lauren on the elephant ride and she LOVED it.  She kept wanting to go higher.  A true mommies girl!  :)  She went on the little merry go round with me while Conner went through a little trampoline tree house thing.  We took them over to this ball area where you can shoot balls and play with balls and Conner was a little aprehensive at first and once I walked around with him he had a great time.  So great, that Jason couldn't keep up and we lost him in there for a few minutes.  But all was found and a great time was had... until we got sprayed with water and Conner flipped out for a minute.

Went to the dog show line and by the time we got up to the door, the place was full and we didn't make it in.  :/  So Conner was disappointed. Anyway, we got to go to the later one and everything was fine.

We went to wait in line for the train and after waiting 40 minutes, the train got there and we were so excited... then the announcement came that due to lightning in the area they couldn't do it!  Every ride that was above ground was closed for the moment.  Talk about SAD KIDS!  That sucked. 

But anyway, we ended up having an OK time.  Didn't get to do everything and will have to go back soon! 

I felt good that I walked and pushed a stroller all day!  :)  Not sure how many calories I burned but surely enough to burn off what I ate while I was there. 

So Saturday came and Jason and I got up and got ready to go shopping.  It's nice to have my parents there to watch the kids!  I had so much fun shopping!  The first place we walked into had some cute looking clothes but I didn't find anything and everything we did find looked frumpy and loose.  :)  Not complaining about that cause it would have been too tight a year ago! 

After that, everything started fitting and looking good and I was so excited to be shopping in NORMAL stores with NORMAL sizes and even had to ask a few times for SMALLER sizes!  :)  Such a great feeling!  We spent a lot of time in Banana Republic.  :)  Got me some great clothes. And I got some clothes in Ralph Lauren Polo!

These size 12 white shorts fit like a glove.  From polo

Some of my clothes!  :)

More of my clothes.  I got a short sleeve suit with a pair of pants and a skirt.  It's gonna look nice.

SIZE LARGE!  From Polo!

Yup- if you can read the tag- that says- size 12!  A little snug but that's what I wanted.  Room to shrink into them.

My camera sucks.  But here is a super cute shirt from banana republic- size Large.

So happy I got me a new workout outfit!  Size MEDIUM!  Yeah the pants and shirt are a little snug but they will work.  :)

oh and the creme of the crop- a jean jacket!  It was a little more than what I'd like to spend but it fit like a glove and I couldn't put it back once I tried it on!  From polo- size Large! (and yes, it buttons just fine!)

Saturday was such a success.  I felt so giddy that I'm in normal clothes!  I tried on all my clothes back at the resort to make sure there wasn't anything we wanted to take back (and we tried to find something cause we spent a lot of money).  But Jason and I looked at each other and shrugged that we really couldn't find anything to take back.  So that was my shopping spree!  Now all I need is some boots and some high heels and some jewelery!  :)

Saturday night Jason and I went to the hot tub and had a nice long conversation.  It was nice to just get to talk without having children or anything else interupt us.  So, then at midnight we went up and went to sleep.

Sunday- packed up and headed home.

I didn't have time really or the energy to workout while I was there but I feel ok about that because I did walk a lot while I was there.

It was a great trip and I was so sad for it to end.  I feel like it went by so quickly!

Time to get Lauren and Rylan into their swimming suits and take them over to my sister's neighborhood pool for a swim.  I need to get a good tan so I look good in my new clothes! :)

Weight this morning- 175.  :/  Back up but I expect it to go down!  I'm gonna start working out harder and sweating more!  It's time to get over this 70's hump!

Until we meet again... sooner than later...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

an apple a day...

Man oh man I woke up yesterday with bad stomach pains!  The night before, I had eaten 2 apples and my protein shake for dinner.  Well, I'm not sure if I caught a bug or if the apples did the work on helping my body... clean itself out (It had been a week or so since the last time I went to the bathroom).  Sorry, I'm trying to keep this semi not TMI.  But man oh man do I feel lighter! 

I had planned on going to get my toes all pretty yesterday and took the kids to daycare so I could have a kid free day.  But, instead, I was stuck at home with stomach problems.

So I weighed in today and I am down to 173.  The other day my weight was up to 177... so sheesh that was a lot of cleaning out of my body!  :O

45.5 pounds gone forever!

I feel mostly back to normal today.  So, kids are at daycare again so I can go get my toes all done up and come home to do some cleaning and packing for our trip to Branson.  I'm looking forward to this trip.

I had planned on doing some clothes shopping since the majority of my clothes don't fit anymore... but I think I'll just get a little bit and wait until closer to back to school time to do more.  I'm not down as much as I'd hoped for this trip.

It is weird to me to be so far out of the 80's.  Every time I look at that 70's number it just makes me feel... well somewhat normal.  I'm not embarassed AT ALL to say I weight 173.  I know that's still "overweight" but when I was in the 90's and 200's, that was "obese" and even though I wasn't uncomfortable saying how much I weighed (because really, people aren't stupid... they could look at me and guess about how much I weighed anyway), I was still not happy with that number.

I'm not saying I'm happy at all with 173... I'm just proud of how far I've come and shocked that it's staying in the 70's (and almost to the 60's!!!!!).  

I'm still a comfortable size L and 14.  I had hoped to be down to a 12 before Branson.  I may get me a few shirts and pants a little snug for when I lose more weight because... that's the plan. 

Anyway, time for me to start getting ready to go get my toes done.  Man, these nail people are going to talk about me,  I just know it.  I haven't had a pedicure in a LONG WHILE and my feet are so aweful.  They will probable have to get out the power sander to get all this extra crap off my heals!  :P

Until we meet again...

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