Tuesday, July 2, 2013

an apple a day...

Man oh man I woke up yesterday with bad stomach pains!  The night before, I had eaten 2 apples and my protein shake for dinner.  Well, I'm not sure if I caught a bug or if the apples did the work on helping my body... clean itself out (It had been a week or so since the last time I went to the bathroom).  Sorry, I'm trying to keep this semi not TMI.  But man oh man do I feel lighter! 

I had planned on going to get my toes all pretty yesterday and took the kids to daycare so I could have a kid free day.  But, instead, I was stuck at home with stomach problems.

So I weighed in today and I am down to 173.  The other day my weight was up to 177... so sheesh that was a lot of cleaning out of my body!  :O

45.5 pounds gone forever!

I feel mostly back to normal today.  So, kids are at daycare again so I can go get my toes all done up and come home to do some cleaning and packing for our trip to Branson.  I'm looking forward to this trip.

I had planned on doing some clothes shopping since the majority of my clothes don't fit anymore... but I think I'll just get a little bit and wait until closer to back to school time to do more.  I'm not down as much as I'd hoped for this trip.

It is weird to me to be so far out of the 80's.  Every time I look at that 70's number it just makes me feel... well somewhat normal.  I'm not embarassed AT ALL to say I weight 173.  I know that's still "overweight" but when I was in the 90's and 200's, that was "obese" and even though I wasn't uncomfortable saying how much I weighed (because really, people aren't stupid... they could look at me and guess about how much I weighed anyway), I was still not happy with that number.

I'm not saying I'm happy at all with 173... I'm just proud of how far I've come and shocked that it's staying in the 70's (and almost to the 60's!!!!!).  

I'm still a comfortable size L and 14.  I had hoped to be down to a 12 before Branson.  I may get me a few shirts and pants a little snug for when I lose more weight because... that's the plan. 

Anyway, time for me to start getting ready to go get my toes done.  Man, these nail people are going to talk about me,  I just know it.  I haven't had a pedicure in a LONG WHILE and my feet are so aweful.  They will probable have to get out the power sander to get all this extra crap off my heals!  :P

Until we meet again...

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