Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 2 and Day 3 of Dr. Oz Detox

Well I made it to the last day of the detox...

Yesterday was a pretty crappy day.  For those who have done this detox and say they felt great and had energy and bla bla bla they must have been lying!

I stayed in bed ALL DAY LONG!  I was achy all over and had a headache.

The lunch shake was hard to drink.  I did think it had a better flavor but I just couldn't stomach all of it.  In fact, I got sick to my stomach.  But I didn't throw up. 

(I'm having a hard time writing right now because I am so angry... not sure exactly why, but everything is putting me on the edge.  I just want to escape from this house.  The children are driving me crazy, this house is driving me mad!)

My throat is still sore today.  I'm starting to wonder if that is because of all the lemon I've had is what cause my sore throat.  So today, I'm going to drink less lemon water in between my shakes.

I HAVEN'T POOPED!  That's a big thing here.  The main reason I did this was the CLEANSE my body... so you'd expect me to have great success in the bathroom... not the case.  I only had a little on day 1.

I ate a whole banana and some almond butter yesterday as my snack.  I was too tired to make a shake and I figured it was in the shake anyway, so why not.  I have found a new love- ALMOND BUTTER!  It's almost better tasting than peanut butter to me!

While watching TV yesterday I swear my body was talking to me.  Every dang commercial was a pizza commercial!  Then when I went to the store to get more epsom salt, I saw pizza places all around me!  WHY OH WHY!?  I guess that's one of my big cravings and the fat girl who's been bound inside me with duct tape was trying to speak just a little bit and tell me what she thought of this detox.  :)

I'm looking forward to being done with this detox.  I'm wondering if I will feel fresh and renewed or just pissed off and screwed up.  My equilibrium is out of kilter too.  I can't seem to sit straight and feel normal.  My head is in a bog and I can't seem to think clearly.

This detox sure has thrown me for a loop.  I just hope I come back from it normal tomorrow.

Who knew that going to a strict raw diet was going to make a huge change?

I guess I'll mention what the scale said today (not getting my hopes up cause I'm sure it will go back up after this detox is over).  169!  In the 60's.  :)  It sure would be nice if I could keep this weight off.  But I'm sure it's just water weight that I've lost anyway.

I'm going to slowly eat back foods that I've taken away these 3 days.

Tomorrow I plan to have some kind of shake in the morning, some soup for lunch (not sure why but I'm craving soup...  like I'm craving chicken broth or something), and then a salad with grilled chicken or salmon on top and hardly any dressing.  Maybe a shake for a snack.

Well I'll have to finish later, the husband is home with McDonald's breakfast for the kids and he's trying to get everything ready and there's too much dang noise around for me to think!


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