Thursday, July 11, 2013

Detox? Cleanse? Here we go again...

Darn you Dr. Oz... not sure why I watch the show but every now and then it pops up and makes me go hmmmm...

I won't go into much details but I have kinda been having digestion problems... or lack there of!

So I think I may do a detox cleanse again.... well it's been a long time.  I once tried the lemon detox thingy years ago and that was BAD!  I tried the cabbage soup diet and that was ok.

So I was watching Oz today about cleaning all the crap out of our bodies and eating clean.  So...

I looked up the eating clean 5 week detox and started my shopping list and got a page into the list and realized that this was going to be WAY too much money if it's only for myself.

So plan B is going to be a 3 day detox cleanse.  I just need to feel normal.  I haven't felt normal in the... bathroom area for a while and think this might help clean some things out.

3 days- I think I can handle that.  I'm not doing this to lose weight, just to help cleanse me and make me feel all nice and fresh.  :D

So I'll lay it out here:

Day 1:
Morning detox tea (1 green tea- I think I'll do my oolong tea since I have it) and 1 slice of lemon
Breakfast drink (its a shake- water, flax seed, raspberries, banana, spinach, almond butter, and lemon)
1/2 multivitamin and probiotic supplement
Lunch drink (celery, cucumber, kale leaves, apple, lime, coconut oil, almond milk, pineapple)
1/2 multivitamin and omega 3 supplement
Snack- repeat one of the shakes
 Dinner Drink- (mango, blueberries, coconut water, kale, lemon, avocado, cayenne pepper, flax seed)
Detox Ultra Bath- epsom salt and 10 drops of lavender oil

Repeat for 3 days.  :)

I've been wanting to make more shakes, so here's a good way to start.  :)

Anyway, Jason just got home and I have to deal with kids and dinner.  Might go to the store tomorrow and pick up everything.

What are your thoughts on detox's and cleanses?

Once again- not doing this to lose weight, just to make my tummy feel better and POOP!  :P

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