Monday, July 15, 2013

Weight and measurements after detox...

Good morning- I feel like I should take a picture of the scale...

Well shoot... I'm not sure how to rotate a picture out here... :/  But, if you can read this upside down it says 168.5
Total loss on the detox- 3.5

TOTAL POUNDS LOST- 50!!!! Oficially 50 pounds of me gone forever!

I feel good about the loss.  I didn't do the detox to lose weight but a little push in the right direction when I've been stuck for a little while never hurt.

Would I do the detox again- maybe.

I'm starting to wonder now if I was truly sick because Conner woke up last night around 3am because he had a nightmare but when he laid with us in bed he was burning up.  I took his temp today and he has a low grade temp and doesn't feel well.  :(  Poor guy.

So maybe I was sick.  Top that off with trying to detox and man I felt horrible!

My throat is still sore.  Not as bad but it's still there.

I use myfitnesspal almost every day.  There's another app I use called tactio health.  I like their graphs and some of their data.  You can e-mail yourself a complete packet of data about your total health!  It's quite amazing and FREE!  I don't even use half of the stuff out there.  You can put your blood pressure in and your cholesterol number and glucose information and so much more.  It's a great app!  You can even send your doctor a copy of your data if you needed to.  Very neat.
So if you can see this... it appears that back in April 2012 I entered a weight almost up to 235! Guess that was right after having Rylan.  So then shortly after that I entered in a weight if 218.5 and seemed to stay around that until toward the end of July, 2012.  Pretty neat.  It shows my target weight at 160 which is in the green (I entered that as one of my goals). I'm out of the red (obese) and into the yellow (overweight).

Now for my measurements.

7/15/13 Measurements and Weight 168.5 (-6.5 pounds since last measurements)
  • Waist: 37" (-1")
  • Hips: 41" (-.5")
  • Chest: 37.5 (-1.5" This really has been the place where I just keep losing inches, sorry babe! :P)
  • Neck: 13.25 (-.25)
  • Leg: 22.5 (-.5")
  • Arm: 11.75 (-.5")
Overall total inches lost in the past 5 days (last measurements was on the 10th): 4.25!

That's a big difference.  Finally my belly is losing those inches!  Slowly but surely.

I've been doing my kettlebell weights a few times a week.  I know that's what's helping me tighten up!  I did them last night and was able to do more reps than the last time I did them.  WOOHOO!  I can feel my stomach muscles (my core) coming closer to the top!  There's still fat on top and some skin but it's slowly melting away. 

WEIGHTS PEOPLE!  When I hear people say that they just can't lose weight and they work out all the time and they eat right, I ask them if they have tried adding some resistance.  NO!  So I tell them that resistance is what's gonna help you lose your inches.  I'm proof here that it's helping!  :)

So my plan for recovery after this detox- I plan to have 2 shakes a day for a few days and then a health dinner and snack.  Then after a few days of that I'll go back to 1 shake a day and a healthy lunch, dinner, and snack.  I may add shakes to my lunch plan when I return to school.

I feel like having soup today... still kinda have a craving for a big fat juicy pizza but I'll resist.  I'm thinking it is sodium that I'm craving because these detox shakes didn't have much sodium.

Ok, I'm off to make my breakfast shake a potty train Lauren!  She can do it sometimes but doesn't always tell me when she needs to go.  So, no more pullups.  We ran out anway, so when she asked for a diaper today I said we were out and she would have to go in the potty.  A little fussing and talk of reward of a sticker  and Dora panties got her on the potty.  SO HERE WE GO!  I've gotta get her out of diapers before she goes back to daycare!

Until we meet again...

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