Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Happy Happy shopping spree and Branson Vacation.

I'm home from a great extended weekend vacation in Branson with the family.

Time to run harder, sweat more, and lose more!

I feel like I did fairly well eating while on vacation.  I did splurge a little while I was there and had a bite or 3 of a mountain size cookie...  White chocolate macadamia nut at Silver Dollar City!  and a few bites of this yummy monkey bread thing!

So let's see.  We got to Branson on Wednesday and didn't really do anything but unpack the car and get situated.  It took the kids until well after midnight to fall asleep.  Then Rylan woke up and proceeded to throw up on ALL of his blankets in his pack-n-play (note to self- don't put ALL of the blankets in there with him ever again!).  So I had to stumble out of bed (with the effects of zquil) and move all blankets and give him a bath and attempt to not wake anyone else up (which I didn't).  So... then I finally got some sleep around 3 and the kids were back awake around 7 I think... maybe 8.

Thursday... had breakfast and got ready.  Thanks to my mom for spoiling me on having my protein shake with ice in a blender!  Now I can't just use my shaker ball and shake my drink!  As I sit here and type I'm drinking a nice smooth creamy shake from my ninja blender (haven't used it in a while anyway, it needed some attention). 

Jason and I made a shopping list for food (since we do a lot of eating in the resort) and went to walmart with my dad's credit card... hmmm this could be fun!  jk  We left Conner and Rylan there with my mom while we went. 

After walmart we stopped off at Target to get a new stroller!  YAY!  The only color they had was purple in the one we wanted... so we go it.  I'm ok with that I guess.

After we got home we all got ready and took everyone to Joes Crab Shack!!!  OMG!  I usually don't like getting crab because it's so much work for little results.  But the minute I opened the special menu and saw the bucket that was with a CORONA BEACH BATH!  I was in love!  It was GOOD!  I ate every single dang bite (well I left a couple of potatoes).  :)  The kids did well.. Conner had tried his new medicine and it hit him really hard.  He was well behaved but he didn't feel like eating and seemed a little grumpy.  Lauren was just cute and wouldn't sit down.  Rylan was making my stomach hurt from laughing so much (I think he was just overly tired and goofy).  He was making everyone around him laugh.  He likes to open his mouth real big and do this fake laugh.  So cute!  Anyway, here's a picture of what I got and the other on the right is what I convinced my mom to get (she wanted to get fried shrimp but I told her this would be a better choice!)  Jason of course got the king crab and my dad got him a bucket of crab too.  Overall, GREAT LUNCH/Dinner.

Oh after looking at this... I didn't get the one on the left.  I did get one of the Corona beach bath things but it didn't have lobster, just shrimp and crab.

So after that (it was the 4th).  We stayed and let the kids play in the little outside play area for a few minutes and then headed back to the hotel.  We had decided to take just Conner out for the 4th and take him to Silver Dollar City.  By the time we got there, they were closed and not doing fireworks this year.  So we found plan B, The Tracks.  A place with bumper cars and inside play stuff.

He was in HEAVEN!  He had told me that he wanted to have just a little fun.  He ended up having the most fun I've seen him have... like EVER!  I absolutely LOVED skeeball!  He called it bowling and it amazed me that he never once got frustrated when he didn't get it right or the ball didn't make it all the way up.  I don't think I've ever seen that child so excited in his little life.  I will never forget that night.  Conner and I did the bumper boats in the water together.  He did really good in his own boat.  I was so proud.  Then we watched some fireworks that were right across the street.  And even though they were loud, he watched them and didn't plug his ears.  We convinced him to ride the go-carts with daddy and he loved it.  I think that was the best night EVER!  We ended with getting his a little prize.  He couldn't decide what to get, so the lady behind the counter finally said, "what do you see that you want?"  He pointed to something worth 400 tickets and she gave it to him (even though he only had 80 tickets).  What a great experience overall!

Got home and put him to bed and went for a walk around the resort. 

Friday- SILVER DOLLAR CITY!  Woke up and got ready to go.  Took Lauren and Conner and kept Rylan at the hotel with my mom. 

I won't make this super long... Let's see.  Jason got him a motorized cart (with shade), Conner was kinda in a weird mood.  Lauren LOVED riding rides.  We got there and took them on the lost mine ride and they were scared the whole time.  Jason said Conner clung to him so hard and Lauren sat next to me just quiet.  So that was a bust.  We walked on over to the kid area and Conner wanted to go to the dog show.  It was not until 2 but he wanted to go then!  We took the kids over to the kiddy area and Conner wouldn't ride anything with me.  I took Lauren on the elephant ride and she LOVED it.  She kept wanting to go higher.  A true mommies girl!  :)  She went on the little merry go round with me while Conner went through a little trampoline tree house thing.  We took them over to this ball area where you can shoot balls and play with balls and Conner was a little aprehensive at first and once I walked around with him he had a great time.  So great, that Jason couldn't keep up and we lost him in there for a few minutes.  But all was found and a great time was had... until we got sprayed with water and Conner flipped out for a minute.

Went to the dog show line and by the time we got up to the door, the place was full and we didn't make it in.  :/  So Conner was disappointed. Anyway, we got to go to the later one and everything was fine.

We went to wait in line for the train and after waiting 40 minutes, the train got there and we were so excited... then the announcement came that due to lightning in the area they couldn't do it!  Every ride that was above ground was closed for the moment.  Talk about SAD KIDS!  That sucked. 

But anyway, we ended up having an OK time.  Didn't get to do everything and will have to go back soon! 

I felt good that I walked and pushed a stroller all day!  :)  Not sure how many calories I burned but surely enough to burn off what I ate while I was there. 

So Saturday came and Jason and I got up and got ready to go shopping.  It's nice to have my parents there to watch the kids!  I had so much fun shopping!  The first place we walked into had some cute looking clothes but I didn't find anything and everything we did find looked frumpy and loose.  :)  Not complaining about that cause it would have been too tight a year ago! 

After that, everything started fitting and looking good and I was so excited to be shopping in NORMAL stores with NORMAL sizes and even had to ask a few times for SMALLER sizes!  :)  Such a great feeling!  We spent a lot of time in Banana Republic.  :)  Got me some great clothes. And I got some clothes in Ralph Lauren Polo!

These size 12 white shorts fit like a glove.  From polo

Some of my clothes!  :)

More of my clothes.  I got a short sleeve suit with a pair of pants and a skirt.  It's gonna look nice.

SIZE LARGE!  From Polo!

Yup- if you can read the tag- that says- size 12!  A little snug but that's what I wanted.  Room to shrink into them.

My camera sucks.  But here is a super cute shirt from banana republic- size Large.

So happy I got me a new workout outfit!  Size MEDIUM!  Yeah the pants and shirt are a little snug but they will work.  :)

oh and the creme of the crop- a jean jacket!  It was a little more than what I'd like to spend but it fit like a glove and I couldn't put it back once I tried it on!  From polo- size Large! (and yes, it buttons just fine!)

Saturday was such a success.  I felt so giddy that I'm in normal clothes!  I tried on all my clothes back at the resort to make sure there wasn't anything we wanted to take back (and we tried to find something cause we spent a lot of money).  But Jason and I looked at each other and shrugged that we really couldn't find anything to take back.  So that was my shopping spree!  Now all I need is some boots and some high heels and some jewelery!  :)

Saturday night Jason and I went to the hot tub and had a nice long conversation.  It was nice to just get to talk without having children or anything else interupt us.  So, then at midnight we went up and went to sleep.

Sunday- packed up and headed home.

I didn't have time really or the energy to workout while I was there but I feel ok about that because I did walk a lot while I was there.

It was a great trip and I was so sad for it to end.  I feel like it went by so quickly!

Time to get Lauren and Rylan into their swimming suits and take them over to my sister's neighborhood pool for a swim.  I need to get a good tan so I look good in my new clothes! :)

Weight this morning- 175.  :/  Back up but I expect it to go down!  I'm gonna start working out harder and sweating more!  It's time to get over this 70's hump!

Until we meet again... sooner than later...

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