Thursday, July 25, 2013

Post title... not really sure what to put as my title... maybe huge procrastinator? :)

Well I'm sitting here procrastinating all the things I need to get done around the house.  I HATE CLEANING!  But I sure do love it when the house is clean.  :/

I forced myself to go for my walk/run last night.  I was putting on my playlist and decided to give the couch to 5K a try.  I had week 1 out there on my ipod.  So off I went.  I started the warm up and was ready to run but I waited until it was time...... then went for it.  60 seconds was a little challenging but easily done.  I guess when I do it on my own I run for maybe a total of about 45 seconds before stopping to catch my breath.  But by the time I was almost done I was in a good groove and realized that I probably could have done the full 30 minutes again for a second time.  It was a total is 8 minutes running and 22 minutes walking fast.  Easily could have done it twice.  :)

That was a good feeling- knowing that I'm more in shape than I had been previously.  I was able to do the whole run with no problems.  Next time I may go ahead and give week 2 a try.  I'm not going to do it today- today I think I'll do my kettlebell weights.

My legs are sore and that's a good thing to me because it means I'm still pushing myself harder and harder and working those muscles.

I went to the "girly" doctor yesterday for my yearly examination and it was a nice feeling to step on the scale with my clothes on and I weighed- 168.

I went over to my parents house yesterday to pick up my oldest kiddo because my mom watched him for me while I went to the doctor and got my hair done.  My dad just kept saying how good I look and how skinny I look.  Made me feel good.  I'm starting to get used to my new body.  I wish I had taken pictures of my belly as it progressively gets smaller- like under my shirt where you can see the flap and the stretch marks.  I think I have one somewhere... I'll have to do a comparison picture some time.

It also really makes me continue to want  to lose weight and see what I can do with my body.  How fit can I get?  I wonder how much more weight I need to lose before I can really see my collar bones?  :)  I wonder how many more times I'm gonna lift weights until I can really see my muscles... here's a picture I took outside the other night after a walk, just kinda goofing off.
Well I can see a little bump... can you?  :P  Have more work to do for sure!  lol

I went to my hair dresser yesterday and she even said she could tell I've lost weight.  We talked about it for a while and I showed her the before and after (during) pictures of me.  I don't go to her often enough... I think the last time I went was just a few months after Rylan was born.

Here's a picture of me with my new blonde color.  I'm a natural blonde but over the years it has gotten a lot darker.  So we had to lighten it up some.  I have started really liking the long hair on me.  Usually every time I go I get my hair all chopped off or at least close to my shoulders.  So this time we didn't take much off in the length.

Makes me feel good to be able to take a picture from the front, from a straight angle (not held up real high above my head) and look NORMAL.  :)

We are thinking about taking the kids camping and hiking this weekend.  I'll have to carry Rylan in a backpack, which I'm sure I'll burn a ton of calories doing!  Looking forward to that.  Camping makes me nervous... it is so much work to get everything packed up and loaded and then set up everything for one night.  But, Conner has been begging to go!  We are gonna go check out some camp sites this afternoon and reserve something for Saturday (might have to get it for another night too).

I'm hoping we don't end up spending a lot of money on this camping trip.  If it was up to me, I could probably just pack the bare nessecities and easy food like hotdogs and marshmallows and then head out!  But I know how things go with this family.  We will end up packing 2 cars full of crap and not even use 1/2 the stuff!  You don't need a lot for just one night but my family is the "gotta be well prepared for anything" packers... so we'll see how that goes.

I just hope everyone stays out of the fire, doesn't fall off a cliff, and we come home with no broken bones!  :)

I just can't tell you how happy I feel about myself!  I'm happy happy happy!  I haven't been happy about ME in many many years.

Makes me happy when my husband (and he may kill me for talking about this for the world to see) asks me to put on something sexy and then just admires what I am becoming.  I am not completely comfortable yet in my body but the changes I've made are a huge improvement.  He just wants to look at me and is so proud of me and what I've done.  He loved me before and probably loves me the same no matter what weight I am.  I don't really think it's about weight- I think it's about what I've done and how happy I'm becoming is what's making him proud of me. If that makes sense?

I'm proud of him too for putting forth effort to lose some weight.  I think he's down 6 pounds so far maybe?  And he hasn't started working out, just trying to make an effort to watch what he eats.  We had McDonald's the other night (I had a kids meal) and he used to get 2 burgers and a large fry and large coke... and maybe an apple pie or maybe even another burger.  Well I saw that all he got was one burger and a large fry and coke (which he usually doesn't drink much of it anyway).  I told him I was proud of him for not getting too much. 

We went to lunch yesterday and he got a grilled chicken sandwich and didn't upgrade to a large fry.  He was very conscious about what he should get to drink too.  SO PROUD of him!  I even offered him the rest of my fries and he didn't eat them.  :) I know he was probably still hungry after that but he didn't go back, he didn't get cobbler for desert.  He may not be eating everything healthy like I try to but he isn't eating as much.  That's a big deal!  So, I love ya baby for trying and being more aware of what you eat!  :)

I think him seeing what I'm doing and finally seeing a difference in me is helping motivate him to try harder. 

Anyway, I should probably get up and take care of the house and the little people living in it.  :)  These little people sure can be annoying and needy!

I wish I could realize that cleaning burns a lot of calories... so why can't I just jump up and clean this dang house and burn calories?  Ugh!  I guess it's gotta be done!

Until we meet again...

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