Friday, July 19, 2013


Since after having children (and probably before) I have not been able to tuck in a shirt and show my belt.

After all my kids I wore maternity tank tops and under shirts that went over my tummy and helped keep my belly from showing to much (or so I thought at the time anyway, I'm sure you can only hide so much).

I wore a belt but it was never seen because my tummy usually hung over it, or I was too worried about my love handles.

So yesterday I put on my little white shorts (love them, size 12 from Polo), and my school shirt (because we went to deliver books to our upcoming kindergarten students) and was so giddy inside that I had finally done it!

After all this time of not wearing my shirts tucked in EVER, I did it!

I wish I had taken a picture but I didn't.

What a great feeling!!!!  It's those little things that you start noticing that seem so much bigger.

I also ordered me a size medium shirt last night too for the upcoming school year!  Not sure I'll be in it yet... but soon.

I am for sure out of the XL size shirts, they look like I'm wearing my husbands shirts when I put them on.  He even had to check the tag the other day just to be sure that I wasn't wearing one of his shirts.  HA!

So in my last post I think I talked about how I had a migraine and strep.  Well the migraine is gone and either it just had to take a few days or it could have been because I had been so "clogged up" from those Dr. Oz shakes I did.  Yesterday they all came loose and since then I've felt much better.  Not sure anything is related and sorry, TMI!

Time to go enjoy my shake today... I think I let it blend too long because it's turned into whipped cream!  I'll have to eat this with a spoon today.  :D

My shake:
1.5 scoops of protein powder
1 cup frozen raspberries
1-2 tbs (kinda dropped it in there) raw cacao powder
12 oz skim milk

Until we meet again...

Oh and my weight today was: 169.5  So I'm up a pound but I'm quite excited about keeping some of the weight off after the detox.

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