Saturday, August 24, 2013

NSV stuff or (Random weight loss happiness)

NSV- non-scale victory stuff: (and I'm not quite sure they will all be that... but here goes... maybe I should call it random weight loss happiness)

1.  Every day... and I mean EVERY day I have someone ask me how I lost the weight or compliment me on how good I'm looking.  Makes me feel good... I'm becoming use to my ever shrinking body that sometimes I forget how BIG I must have been.

2.  I had one of my bosses who was taking shirt orders ask me if I still wanted to order a size large because I didn't look that big. :)  What a great feeling!

3.  I washed and dried and WORE a size MEDIUM t-shirt!  Though I did have my little body suit (I call it my onesie) to help hold the saggy skin in, it fit and by the end of the day it actually felt too big.  So to answer question number 2, I decided to go ahead and order ad medium.

4.  My sister just saw me and told me that I am looking skinny.  She then told me that I can't wear that shirt anymore... I had on and XL shirt to just wear around the house.  :P

5.  My husband told me that it's different cuddling or "spooning" with me.  Hard to explain what exactly he said but something to the effect that... his arm used to be here (holding it higher in the air) but now it's here (holding it around me).

6.  I was crossing my arms the other day and had such a strange feeling... my boobs don't get in the way!  HA! I used to have to kinda lift them up and then cross my arms... if that makes any sense.

7.  I don't even have to flinch at crossing my legs.  No hands needed to help!

I'm happy with how far I've come but I'm not done yet.  I still have about 20 more pounds to lose.

I started back to teaching Kindergarten this past week and it is so exhausting.  However, I'm sure I would be even more tired if I was 55 pounds heavier.

I was able to get down and up and down and up and back and forth and whatever they were doing I was right there with them doing it.

I will say that the beginning of the year in Kindergarten is like herding cats!  It will be so rewarding to see how much they grow and change over the next few months.  :)

So over the past week... or well 6 days since I posted, I've lost another pound or pound and a half.  I weigh 163.  Putting my grand total lost up to 55.5 pounds.   I can't believe that I'll be in the 50's soon!  :O

I haven't worked out in a little while... well I did start back to teaching so I guess I've considered that my workout for the week.  I guess it shows that it's hard work because the scale just keeps on moving!

I plan to start back to doing insanity after school with some teacher friends next week on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.  Ready to start shedding some more pounds and gaining some more muscle!  :)

Off subject here but I'm so proud of Conner, my first grader!  He had a great week in his ALE (alternative learning environment) class... actually he was in a regular first grade class all week!  I hope it isn't a honeymoon phase and I hope he continues to do well.  Now that he is on his medication, I think it helps him focus better and control his impulsiveness.  He got rewarded on Friday by getting to pick out a game and the store for his DS.  :)

Well I guess that's all I have for now.  Time to get my little needy 3 year old some more milk and Dora.

Until we meet again...

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