Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weight and measurements and catch up!

Well it's been a busy busy past week and a half since the last time I posted.  Jason and I celebrated out 10th wedding anniversary.  We went to Hot Springs and stayed in a bed and breakfast.  I'll talk more about that at another time but it was very fun and we had a great time... well night 2 our air went out and we were so stinkin hot but other than that it was a much needed break!

I start back to school with kids on Monday and I'm super excited.  Got to meet some of my kids on Friday night and look forward to teaching them and building relationships.  :)

I ran the other night farther in one round than I ever have.  I walked down to the end of the block and ran all the way around the block and back to where I started WITHOUT STOPPING!  I smiled when I was almost there because it was the best accomplishment and best feeling. 

So now onto the weight and measurements.  I had been stuck for a while and hadn't been losing anything.  But then once I started back to school and after our anniversary I started losing pounds again.

My last weight was 167.5-168.5.  I just kept going up and down and up and down until recently it went down and stayed down and then went down some more.  :)  I still can't believe that I'm in the 60's!  Sometimes I still feel like I should be in the 80's and 90's.  It's just surreal to me.

Anyway, today I stepped on the scale and was......


A loss of 3 pounds in the past week.  A total loss of 54 pounds. 

I was looking at my recorded measurements on one of my iphone apps and found my weight from the day after Rylan was born... 230!  WOW!  So it says that I've lost a total of 65.5 pounds.  I won't go with that because most of what I lost shortly after that was just baby weight.  So I'm going with my weight that I recorded about 6 months after Rylan was born which was 218.5.  So that makes my weight loss total up to 54 pounds.  :)

It feels so awesome that to reach my first major major goal that I set for me as my ultimate goal (which I really don't know what that is) I need to lost 19.5 pounds.  :)  That will put me weighing in at 145. 

I have lost 24.1% of my original body fat!  When I hit my goal I will have lost 33.64% of my original body fat.

In other news, Jason told me the other day that when I walk, he can see my muscles in my legs.  A friend at school told me that I look like a completely different person.

When I met some students the other night, a parent took a picture of me with her daughter that I'm gonna have.  Well in my head I got all nervous because I knew she would post it on facebook (I'm friends with her) and I wondered what I'd look like.  This is a normal thought for me, has been for YEARS.  I get so nervous about my face and is it gonna look fat and will you see fat rolls in my shirt and bla bla bla self conscious stuff.  When I got home I saw the picture and to my suprise... I look NORMAL!  I don't have a fat face, there wasn't anything wrong... it was just me.  Such a weird feeling.

I'm not use to my "skinny"(ier) body.  I was changing clothes on Friday to get ready for our back to school hot dog supper and was thinking about my jeans being freshly washed and what if they didn't fit.  I thought about needing to stretch my shirt out because it would be too tight on my tummy.  I thought about all the things I used to think about every single day when I weighed 200+ pounds.  Then it hit me,  I'm not that 200 pound person anymore... I can put on the jeans freshly washed without a problem (well there was a problem, I forgot my belt and had to keep pulling my pants up).  I can put on my size Large shirt (which Jason told me was too big) without stretching it out.  My shirt doesn't snug to my tummy because my tummy is somewhat flatter than it was.

I wonder if these thoughts and feelings will ever go away.  Will I continue to shock myself every time I get dressed or every time I look at my self in the mirror or see myself in a picture?

This even happened to me when we had someone take our picture on our anniversary.  It's like these thoughts just keep going through my head and then I wake up and tell myself that I'm not that fat person.

I can walk up and down the hallway at school (our school is just 2 long hallways and kindergarten is the farthest away!) without getting out of breath.  I can pick up book tubs and move things around in my room without breaking much of a sweat anymore.

It's just all the things that shock me every single second of the day.

My father-in-law mentioned to me about how good I'm gonna feel this year while I'm teaching.  I'm not gonna be so tired from standing.  I'm gonna have so much fun dancing with the kids instead of sitting there watching them.  I'm gonna enjoy getting down on the floor with them and knowing that I can easily get back up without looking like a beached whale.  :)

It is amazing what 54 pounds lost can do.  I'm happy, healthy, and fit.  Not to my ultimate goal yet but I'm working on it.

I feel "normal."  So now I just need to retrain my brain to remember that I'm not that 200+ pound person anymore. 

Here's a picture or two...
Ok I hate to block out my little student's face but I'm not sure about putting kids faces on the internet without permission.  But here is me with her and I was just shocked to see that my face looks normal.  :)

I should probably block out my husband's face too because I'm sure he doesn't want me putting his picture out on the internet either.  lol  But here we are at our bed and breakfast near the tunnel that leads up to the house and out to the lake.  Can you see my muscles in my legs (above my knee)?  :)  Size 12 shorts from Polo.  Size Large shirt from Banana Republic.  :)

Until we meet again...

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