Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hello 50's

 Well it's been a little while since my last post (2 weeks).  I weighed 161.5.  I stepped on the scale this morning and was shocked to find 158.5.  :)  That's a 3 pound loss in the past 2 weeks.  Putting my total up to *drum roll please...

60 pounds gone forever!

I haven't been working out... though I have been on my feet a lot teaching kindergarten.

Next week I'm going to try something new... my husband thinks I'm a little crazy and he thinks I'll come home with bruises... and I probably will.... I'm gonna try Roller Derby.  I have a few friends that do it and I have thought about trying it for a while.  My neighbor (Conner's best friends mom) does it.  I saw her all dressed and ready to go yesterday and it kinda made me want to do it.

I can skate... or at least I used to be able to skate.  Last time I tried was when I turned 30 and had an 80's theme roller skating party.  Back when I weighed over 200 pounds.

They have a free 8 week (well it will be 7 weeks for me cause I missed the first week) free boot camp.  Doesn't hurt to try... well it probably will.

Next week my goal for the week is to work out at least 2 times!  I have been so tired after school that all I want to do is just take a nap and I count down the minutes until bed time.  I've gotta get back in the groove of things.

Another happy/sad moment was when I was trying on some clothes (you know, those clothes I got in Branson earlier in the summer) and couldn't wear the pants!  Ugh!  I haven't even taken the tags off yet and they are already too big.  :/  It's a good thing, I know... but it really is frustrating to feel like I wasted money on clothes I can't wear and now I can't afford to go get me smaller clothes.

I'm not sure what size I am.  I wouldn't say I'm a solid medium yet.  I can wear medium t-shirts but I'm more comfortable in a size large.  I'm not sure what size pant I am.  I have some 12's and 14's.  My 14's are too big and some of my 12's are too big.  I guess it depends on the style and brand.

Anyway, I'm gonna go do some laundry (maybe shrink some things) and feed the children.

Until we meet again... (what should my roller derby name be?)

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