Monday, October 7, 2013

Motivated but staying put

Attempting to do this from my phone...

Well blogging friends it's been a month again since my last post!

Busy busy busy with school.

My last post I talked about trying out roller derby well I tried it and loved it! I go every Wednesday night and have gone on a Thursday. It is so much fun. I do get a little scared that I'm gonna hurt myself. I have only fallen one time! I won a sticker for my helmet during a game of last "queen" standing. I probably got that because I was a chicken! But hey, I didn't get knocked out of fall down so I guess that's something. :)

So my weight is : 157.5  I keep going up and down to 160 and 167. Need to keep on working out!!!

Working out? Well for now, roller derby is it! I need to start walking before it gets too cold outside.

Eating good? For the most part. I haven't been tracking my food in a long time. I try to eat good but there are times when I don't and just want to how down. :)

Clothes? I'd say I'm a good size 12 and some of the size large and size 12's are starting to get too big. My jeans I've had since before Conner (expensive Buckle jeans that I just coiling throw out) are too big now. I need to have Jason make another hole in my belt (that I got this summer).

How do I feel? Great! I still forget sometimes how much weight I've lost. It's like my mind is taking longer than my body is to get in sync of how I think about my body. Example: I went shopping the other day and got me a dress to wear and had child with me so I just got it and brought it home to try on... It was a size 12. I was afraid it was going to be too tight and in reality, it was big. Then I was out looking for panty hose for my Halloween costume and I kept digging tryin to find a size L and then looked at the sizes to find that I'm in the medium on the chart! :O

I have at least 1 person still say something to me about my weight every day! Makes me feel good and keeps me going. Thanks friends!

A friend of mine posted a link to the Warrior Dash! I think I'm gonna do it this year! It's not until May 2014, so I will have time to prepare. :) I'm going to try to get my husband to do it with me! I think it would be awesome!

Anyway, I'm tired (what else is new) so that's all I have for now.

I will say that I've done my measurements...

Waist- 35 down 1.5 inches
Hip- 39.5 down .5 inch
Leg- 22 down .75 inches
Arm- 11.7 about the same
Neck- 13 down .5 inch
Wrist- 6
Chest- 38 same

Until we meet again...

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  1. How is it going ? I loved your dress, you have so much personality ! Best wishes


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