Before, During, and After pictures

I like to see comparison pictures of my progress... it keeps me going.

Here is me, when it all started back in 2011.  I think I was 204-206 pounds:

Then I lost weight and got down to 180 by August of 2011:

Then... I was all happy... until I found out I was PREGNANT with baby number 3!  So, I gained back all the weight while I was pregnant (and then some) and kinda gave up for a while.  Round 2 started sometime after Rylan was born.  Here I am at 218.5 pounds in July 2012.   

guess the light was bright
Then a few months later things started clicking again and I was back on track for losing weight!  Back in the right mindset.  This all started after my Birthday in March, 2013.  I've gone down to 175 and am feeling great.  Looking forward to losing more weight and getting in shape!  Here I am today (June 24th 2013)

So now a little comparision from the beginning of round 2 (March 2013) until now (June 2013)

Well it looks like I got less wide and lost some back fat.  At least 1-2 less rolls!  

thinner face and a NECK!

Bye bye boobies!  The shirt barely even fit on me then in a bad way and it barely fits on me now in a good way!

Well I don't think I need to say anything to this picture!  What a difference!


  1. Great blog! I laughed a lot ( "guess the light was bright")! I've lost 21 pounds also. What a difference it makes. I had no idea. I found your blog while I was looking for "what 20 pounds of fat looks like," to keep me motivated. I'll be checking back to see how you're journey is going! Pinning to pinterest also.


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