My Journey

It all started one day when something inside me just clicked and I knew I wanted to get back to healthy.  I desperately wanted to find my inner skinny girl.  At first it was hard but I'm finding it easier and easier to stick with it and lose weight.  I feel good about myself.  Here are pictures of my journey.

Everything started going downhill after having my first child.  Well... when I got married I started really gaining weight and then when I got pregnant I just kept going.

I turned 30 and hit a breaking point in my life.  I was FAT.  Here I am in my 80's clothing for my 80's skating birthday party.  Looking at these pictures I realized just how fat I had gotten.  I weighed in 2 months later at 204-206 pounds.

Something had to be done.  So on Mother's Day I got a new work out outfit, a new ipod, and a new mindset.  Here I am in spandex!

I set off to lose the weight.  There were stuggles in the beginning but after 10 weeks I had lost 22 pounds.  Here I am minus 22 pounds.

UPDATE:  I'm about to start round 2 of this journey.  The first part was interrupted with the pregnancy and birth of baby number 3.  I'm now in the right mind and ready to tackle this journey again.  I have more pounds to lose, more muscles to gain, and more pictures to post!  Looking forward to a long and interesting journey to finding my inner skinny girl who has been trapped inside me for a very long time!

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