My "Plan"

So, what is my weight loss plan? Let's do this in a Q&A format.

How many pounds to you plan to lose?

I am taking it mini goals at a time.  My first goal is to get down to 170.  I have 13 more pounds to lose to reach that goal.

I guess I want to lose a total of 60 pounds.  That would put me at about 145.  I'm not sure what I'll look like at 145 so I may want to lose more when I get there.  Maybe by my 31st birthday I'll be there (that's March 22).

What do you plan to do to reach those goals and lose that weight?

I workout.  I switch things up with my working out.  I started by just walking an hour every day (or most days).  I then learned about Zumba for the wii and do that occasionally.  Then I started trying to run a little (HARD).  Then I got interested in bike riding and got out my old bike.  I plan to run in a 5K in September, so for the next couple of months I will be doing "From Couch to 5K" via podcasts on my ipod and training with friends.

I eat right.  I said in the beginning that I wasn't going to "diet" that I was going to change my lifestyle and the way I eat.  Well, I did do the cabbage soup diet when I got stuck in the 90's and that really helped me get over that hump and get back into eating right.  I eat fresh fruits and veggies and protein.  I have recorded everything I eat on myfitnesspal app on my phone.  I count calories and try to stay around 1000.  Sometimes it's more and sometimes it's less but not by much (been doing this strong since the beginning of May).  I have cut out carbs (no bread, pasta, rice, etc).  I don't eat cheese or much dairy.  I try to stay with fresh foods.  I read labels on EVERYTHING and if I don't like what I see, I don't eat it.

WATER, WATER, WATER!  I drink a lot of water (most days).

I recently started taking supplements every day (HUGE PILLS THAT ARE HARD TO SWALLOW).  They seem to help my energy levels and I feel better on them.

I bought a huge thing of protein shake stuff and drink at least 30 grams of protein in the morning.

So that's my plan basically.  Things may change if I get stuck and don't seem movement on the scale.  Yes, I weigh myself every day.  If I start to get depressed, I'll put the scale away.  I feel like seeing that number holds me accountable.

Oh and here is a picture of what I would like to get back to looking like.  I know that after having children, that my body will never be the same again but I'm going to try!

Ok, just kidding.  This was one of those silly pictures you get made at some tourist trap.  :P

These next 2 pictures are of me at my lowest weight that I can remember.  My senior year of highschool, 1999.

UPDATE!: Those were my goals last year.  I will update this sometime in the next couple of weeks with my new goals.

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